Whether you are working with an intact team for whom you want to create a one-off event to build connection, stronger affiliation, and/or address specific issues, or you have a new team in development who need a kick-start event to help get off on the right foot, Nat can help you design and deliver a successful, challenging, and entertaining program.

Nat has built programs for partner cohorts at an international consulting firm using sailing yachts as learning platforms in several global locations.  He has also created events for international consulate teams, local educational leadership groups, and team interventions for health care organizations.  If you are facing an inter- or intra-team communication and collaboration challenge, we can help you analyze the issues and build a unique program to address them.

For more than 20 years, Nat has been helping a wide spectrum of individuals, teams, and organizations become more effective and impactful in their abilities to work together.

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