Drama Therapy

Nat had been a Registered Drama Therapist since first affiliating with the North American Association of Drama Therapists in 2003.

As an RDT, Nat has worked with various populations including prison inmates, the elderly, veterans, as well as with individual clients.

He studied Drama Therapy at the Omega Theater Center in Jamaica Plain, MA and received his MA through the Independent Study Program at Lesley University.

Nat is a contributing author to The Heart and Soul of Psychotherapy, A Transpersonal Approach through the Theater Arts, Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, Transformational Theater, published by Trafford Press in 2013 and edited by Saphira Linden.

In 2004, Nat helped found AndStillWeRise, “theater that transforms”, a Boston-based theater company comprised of ex-prisoners and their loved ones.  ASWR is a collaborative theater project dedicated to healing, public awareness, and social change through empowering the voices of formerly incarcerated people by establishing a safe and creative training environment using a variety of theater exercises and therapeutic modalities.

For more than ten years, the company has used storytelling and acting to create performances and workshops that move audiences toward a greater understanding and sense of compassion for the struggles of individuals who have spent years behind bars and are striving to reintegrate into society.

Nat’s practice is based on the “Twelve Principles of Omega Transpersonal Drama Therapy:

  • Assuming health rather than pathology
  • Shifting the identity from a limited sense of self to the essential self
  • Embodying/role playing therapeutic issues
  • Making the unconscious conscious through symbolic/metaphoric approaches
  • Working with archetypes
  • Embracing love while holding all emotions as sacred
  • Creating a sacred space
  • Fostering an experience of interconnectedness and unity
  • Seeking mastery through self-discipline
  • Achieving balance
  • Identifying and achieving one’s life purpose
  • Creating one’s life as a work of art

Nat has taught Drama Therapy workshops internationally in Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.  In addition to his affiliation with the NAADT, Nat is a member of the Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa, (CTAA), New Zealand.

He is currently a practicing drama therapist based in Maine.